Hardware, software, anyware — it's all about Product.

// ProductShop helps turn a vision of what you want into a plan for what you need, and then we put that plan into action with decisive precision.

Productshop services
We get introduced to your vision, your team, and your stack — then think through everything together to ensure we're focused on the right problem.

_You have a technical team and a vision, but require more capacity and expertise.

_We help determine what is possible with available technology, and offer guidance on the additional expertise and/or resources required to supplement your existing team

_We break the vision down into discrete product features to form a plan covering everything from the tools and frameworks to the design, to the explicit project plan and timeline required to execute

We build the infrastructure of your product, ensuring that these foundations can support the features and scope of the final product.

_Leveraging the Jamstack philosophy, we help you select and integrate the right combination of existing tools that will be woven together into your infrastructure.

_Beyond saving money and time by not having to build these tools from scratch, this approach offers the added benefit of the infrastructure being continuously updated and maintained by dedicated companies.

_Once we secure an infrastructure that can support your product, we then focus on building the features that differentiate your unique vision.

Refine & Scale
From fit and finish to certification, we take you to the finish line — and help you run more races.

_After running the MVP through the testing gauntlet, we stabilize the platform to ensure it can accommodate more complex features, and scale without issue.

_We then implement these new features to officially introduce your idea to the world.
We polish every surface and nook to prepare for release, including sorting out all applicable certifications.

_Upon release, we remain engaged with maintenance and growth, making sure everything runs smoothly, and helping you scale to hundreds of thousands, even millions of users.

The work we’ve produced with this process speaks for itself.